The Babestation Shows: 20 Years of Naughty Fun

Party Girls – As told by an original Producer

Twenty years ago, a show called “Party Girls” aired on UK Freeview channel 37. It was an iconic show that revolutionized the way British television viewed nude entertainment. The show featured some of the UK’s most beautiful and naughty models, along with some of the funniest and wackiest hosts ever to appear on UK television. In this blog article, as an ex-Producer of the show I’ll be discussing all things Party Girls, from its history to the cast and crew, to the best moments from the show as I remember them. We’ll also provide a list of places where you can watch classic Babestation content online.



What is Babestation?

Babestation is a British adult entertainment channel that’s been in operation for over 20 years. The channel has a wide variety of programming, from harder web based action to good old fashioned Tit’s out TV. This year, in celebration of its 20th anniversary, the channel allowing me to dust off some of the archives and share some behind the scenes memories.

How did Babestation become so popular?

Babestation is one of the longest-running adult entertainment programs in the world, and it has definitely kept viewers entertained over the years. Originally airing as a hidden show at 2am, piggy-backing off an Italian feed known at the time as Game Network the show quickly became a hit on British Sky TV. Many people might not realise but the original few episodes were never meant to broadcast tits out or nudity. It was meant to be sexy girls playing video games. Indeed the very name, ‘Babestation’ was nothing to do with Television. It was a play on the then massively popular Playstation. The fact that Babestation picked up it’s feed off the back of a gaming channel made this seem like a good fit. The big wigs over at Babestation live soon realised that many man-folk weren’t so interested in gaming as they were a nice pair of tits, so slowly (Over the course of about 30 minutes) the show format changed into interactive adult entertainment.


Party Girls Launch

Party Girls launched on 29th April 2006 on Freeview Channel 37, SmileTV. Back then Freeview channels were difficult to come buy and incredibly expensive. And UK babe channels were few and far between. For this reason we decided to limit cost by having just a small video window cut out inside a giant on-screen graphic, and I was the Producer who launched the show.

What is Party Girls, and what happened behind the scenes?

Back then it was fever-pitch in the studio. Babestation had been going strong for almost 5 years already and this was our first tentative step into a new, Freeview market. As a young man it’s safe to say, I was bricking it. With all of management watching from their perch’s I was sweating buckets attempting to brief two glamour models on what could and could not happen on this new programme. Suddenly, after weeks of planning and a full hour of briefing, our live studio cupboard was ready to explode on air.

There were a few technical problems. I’d forgotten to put batteries in the microphone so Party Girls shared DNA with classic silent movies of old. A pretty model mouthing silently as she waves her particulars about. My man in the gallery shouts through and I quickly solve the problem. Like a punch-drunk sailor adjusting his rigging. After a few shouts and screams from ‘im upstairs we were back in business. And what a business! Immediately this new market opened up before our very eyes. With plenty of people desperate to chat with this hot babe. After a few minutes of chat I logged the girls phone in and let the viewers have at it.

I think the biggest restriction back then was the tiny letterbox video window I had to work with. I’m not sure on the precise aspect ratio but it was stupid. Like squeezing a Ford Mondeo inside a manilla envelope. I would dread hearing a caller say; “can you stand up and show me your bum.” I’d have to physically (and quickly) pick up the entire camera rig (Tripod and all) and desperately attempt to keep all the particulars in-shot. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh woe is you. Having to find ways to film hot naked women’. Well, you’d be right. And i’m sorry (not sorry) about that.

Funniest Moment

I’m going to keep the girls name anon, as she has now moved onto newer pastures. Lets call her Yvonne. It was Yvonne’s Birthday and i’d told her I had a surprise for her. But that she would only get it at the end of the show and that; ‘Guys, you didn’t want to miss this’. A good way to keep viewers watching. Yvonne knew me well and was cautious throughout. It created a really fun energy as she tried to guess what the surprise was.

The surprise, was in fact a chocolate birthday cake, just for her. Which I had planned to give her at the end of the broadcasting morning. Unfortunately, me and the fella in the gallery were both keen eaters. And if you’ve ever worked a night shift you’ll know that you need as much calorific energy a possible. We had polished off the cake within the first hour and I had no end to my show. I had to send Colin out into the cold London night, hunting down a replacement birthday cake.

After about 2 hours he returned (about 10 quid lighter which subsequently I had to pay him) with what I can only describe as being the worst birthday cake you have ever seen. This annoyed me. Time for a change of direction.

As the show drew to a close I decided to blindfold Yvonne live on air (Which reading back now makes me feel just slightly uncomfortable) and proceeded to plant said birthday cake into her face. Yvonne was a big lady, fierce even. She grabbed me by the arm before I could escape, bent me over her knee (Live on television mind) and proceeded to spank me. It’s not my proudest moment, and I seem to remember a few sticky conversations with the higher ups. But what a birthday treat!


The Babes Of Babestation

Kandi K S66Cams Babe Show Legend

Atlanta Moreno Picture Gallery

Ella Joile Naked Photo Gallery

Beth Bennett New Zealand Porn Star UK Babeshow Queen


It has been 20 years since Babestation first aired and the show has still not stopped being popular. From its humble beginnings as a risque magazine style show, Babestation has now evolved into a full-blown series with hundreds of hot UK models. In this blog, we have covered all you need to know about Party Girls, from the cast and crew to the best moments from the series. So if you’re looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, make sure to check out our website for the latest information on classic babestation shows online!


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