Christmas at Babestation brought us a festive feast of filthy pervcam shows, live babeshows packed like a sexy stocking of sexy babes and babe channels packed with sack emptying XXX rated phone sex and live sex cam action.  If you missed the XXXmas shows from this year, here’s what was said about them on the forum thread, ‘Review of Last Night’s Shows’.

Friday 24th December 2021 Babeshow Review


I enjoyed what I saw from xmas eve night,


Poppy May did a very good show on TV from the office , she looked stunning in just a tiny thong that hardy covered her and sexy boots, was very lively doing lots of different sexy positions, loved the sexy bending over the desk peachy bum action,

Melia Leigh was in mk for the first time in ages she looked very sexy in the sauna set in her red Xmas outfit, lots of smiles as enjoyed playing with her amazing big boobs, good to see her on a proper with a cameraman so she could show just how good she is ,
Happy Christmas everyone


Yes Melia and Poppy were great! Megan Rox also good as usual. Plus Melia was on for 25 minutes on 673 AND 54 minutes!! on 674.

Saturday 25th December 2021 Babeshow Review


Last night. Beth excellent as usual (fully naked and oiled up!!) Jamie Knight very good as she always is ( pants off!) Melia good showing off her nice tits.  No April Mae! All MK girls on both channels!


Summed it up well trains
Beth was miles ahead was a gorgeous treat for us fans to see her all oiled up and on tv
Another solid night seeing Jamie who has had a impressive December
Pleasing seeing melia on tv than on a bed showing some how she can unlock some potential.


I enjoyed Christmas day night show.
Beth was the star of the show naked and oiled up what a Christmas gift , she was excellent moving around showing off her lovely curves in different positions, a perfect example of how to do a sexy naked show on TV what a star she is.
Jamie continued her excellent run of show on TV , sexy outfit, lots of lovely peachy bum action in different positions love how she looks over her shoulder, she was smiling lots really enjoying herself, a fun sexy show.
Melia was very good in the sauna on TV again, she really has shown how good she would be if a regular in mk she brings so sexy fun loves playing with her lovely big boobs.

Sunday 26th December 2021 Babeshow Review


Not a bad night again! Beth and Hayley Maye were main girls plus Poppy, Layla Rose, Alex Le Tissier, Jamie Knight. Amanda Rendall and Lucia Maria were scheduled to be on but didn’t see them on FV.

Lucia Maria heats things up on babestation cams.

Beth was on 673 for 1 hour 4 minutes going naked and just 29 minutes taking her pants off. Hayley was on 673 for 2 hours 10 minutes! and 674 for 1 hour 5 minutes going topless: very nice and good to see her on TV! Layla was on (673 only) for 33 minutes in her usual positions topless from the start. Jamie Knight was on 673 for just 57 minutes and 674 for only 23 minutes: but very good as she is now!
Also on 674: Poppy for 1 hour 10 minutes braless early and moved her pants down slightly. Good.
And Alex Le Tissier was on for 1 hour 12 minutes in a black PVC suit with NO stockings or shoes! Went topless briefly twice and really showed off her lovely big 36″E tits as usual and her lovely big arse! Lovely girl!
So a very reasonable night. I also saw Jamie on the webshow in the shower! Quite good despite the new regulations!!


True trains last night was more varied than some nights have dished out
Beth just give her a award for keeping nights together and being so consistent
Hayley Marie another surprise appearance than her usual backstage stuff was reasonable
Poppy likewise was reasonable after her usual web antics maybe next year we will see more of her on tv than backstage so we can maybe make a decision on what direction she is going in
Good to see Jamie continue her delightful December
Whilst wasn’t fussed much by Alex and Layla brief appearances not a lot happened on tv compared to what they are like backstage.


I enjoyed boxing Day night the usual good Sunday babeshow,
Beth very good as always did her usual sexy show,
Hayley was very good on TV liked her colourful outfit, lots of playing with her lovely big boobs,
Poppy my botn a couple of good stints on TV very sexy in the office love the peachy bum action in that tiny thong naked on TV later on, on the web she got naked and did a sexy hand thong show,
Jamie to very good shows on TV I liked the sexy black outfit she had on in the sauna lots of boob play in there , red outfit for her second stint very sexy stockings so very good peachy bum action, great to see her changing it up through the night,
Melia got naked and oiled up on the web showed off her perfect peachy bum very well,
Jess got naked and did a sexy show standing up hiding her pussy with her buzz toy,
Alex on the web had her Southampton top on all night so didn’t see much of her boobs sadly,
An enjoyable night even though I missed Jamie in the shower and her GG show with melia


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