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Cam Girl of the Week – Aria Rose!

This green-eyed brunette bombshell may be a newcomer to Babestation Cams but that hasn’t stopped her from making a huge impact. Her shows have been dirty yet mysterious and she has the sex appeal of Megan Fox. Aria is the epitome of sensuality, beauty and effervescence and her natural smile and piercing eyes will draw you in to a world you never want to leave. To find out more about Aria, read her saucy interview and visit her on cam! 

What do you like most about being a cam girl? 

I just love watching guys lust over me. It makes me feel so sexy and powerful that I can to fulfil so many fantasies.

Describe one of your most memorable moments whilst performing? 

I was naked on cam when my friend Isabella popped over so she just jumped on with me. The called didn’t know what hit him! Isabella isn’t even a cam girl, she just fancied getting a bit naughty that night lol.

Favourite sexual position?

Doggy .

Describe yourself in three words?

Natural, curvy and cute.

Do you prefer sex Indoors or outdoors? 

I like both, although you won’t find me getting my kit off outdoors if it’s cold. Brrrrr. I hate the cold!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve had sex? 

The cloakroom of a nightclub .

What’s on your sexual bucket list? 

I actually feel pretty fulfilled sexually. Although I wouldn’t say no to a threesome of the opportunity were to arise! 

What’s your favourite scenario to roleplay?

I love pretending to be the sexy mistress while me and my lover sneak behind his wife’s back.

What do you look for in a man? 

Someone ambitious and funny.

What are your three best assets?

Eyes, bum and smile.

Favourite outfits to wear on cam?

Anything cute and girly. I like bikinis and tight dresses 

Are you a member of the Mile High Club?

No. I think I’d be too embarrassed about the other passengers catching us.

A message from Aria Rose: I’m going to be the naughty little secret that you don’t tell anybody about. Join my live shows to see me get naughty. I promise we’ll have a lot of fun together…



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