Beanboozled with Rosie Lee & Saskia Jade

about 2 months ago

Saskia Jade and Rosie Lee play a fun game of Beanboozled! A chaotic game of wheel spinning and bean eating they is guaranteed to leave a bad taste in their mouth! With vomit, dog meat of and toothpaste flavoured beans involved, the two hot babes do everything they can to avoid the horrid tasting beans! One thing that's a bit disappointing is that we now know that these pussy playing babes spit when they don't like the taste of something, whether it's a bean or a blowjob, so if you get lucky with one of these babes then you'd best drink some pineapple. Saskia Jade is a beautiful brunette with small tits and a big personality that sparkles in this clip. Rosie Lee is similar, just a bit curvier and taller. Check out their streams if you like the look of either of them, or if watching them spit got you going.

Featured Babes: Saskia Jade,Rosie Lee

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