Maxie & Zeena Play the Emoji Game!

3 months ago

Watch Maxie Rhoads and Zeena Valvona in a fun Babestationshow video where they have to figure out the film based on a sequence of Emojis. This is a good time to compare your deduction abilities and your film knowledge with the sexy brunette and blonde of Babestation. Our competitors include sexy young model with natural, big tits, Zeena Valvona, and the beautiful European baddie Maxie Rhoads. They put up a good fight as the girl-girl team figure out clue, after clue, after clue, ending on a pretty respectable result. So give yourself the challenge of beating their score, then get into private with them to let them know how you did!

Featured Babes: Maxie Rhoads,Zeena Valvona

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