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My name is Sophi, I'm 31 years old, I have 3 years experience in webcam model industry. Before that i was a secretary but I decided I need to have more fun in my life. Everyday, I have the chance to express myself, to live and to explore my sexuality to the fullest, as well as meeting some wonderful people from all around the world. I have developed true friendships and the most amazing virtual relationships. The art of entertainment such as camming has become MY LIFESTYLE. I am a very open minded person and as long as you are respectful you can talk to me about anything, from your insecurities to your good or bad days and of course your deepest fantasies. I am a natural pleaser; I love it when everyone is happy; it brings happiness in my life. I am always willing to meet new people so please, don’t be shy to come say: Hi!

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