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Reina Del Amor

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Name: ReinaDelAmor
Age: 31
Turns on: A man who can stare in my eyes
Availability: Nights
Group chat: 2.99 credits/minute
Private chat: 4.99 credits/minute

About Me

My name is Reina Del Amor , I am a 31 year old naturally Curvy, flexible Latina Dancer and workout enthusiast. I am hyper-active , I am always looking for ways to move and flex my voluptuous body in and out of the bedroom.

I have a passion for entertaining men and women through my sensual dance moves. I have experience in entertaining and I love to be the centre of attention, some people call me a Tease but I am fun, up-beat and out-going. I can salsa, samba , belly dance, twerk and pole dance.

I have a lot of adrenaline and I appreciate men that can keep up with arousing positions. I am highly imaginative and creative, I enjoy living out my fantasies through role plays. I like to put on a show while wearing high heels. I am a natural actress and I love the feeling of getting into different characters. I appreciate a good sense of humour and I'm happy to be someone anyone can relax with.

I love listening and engaging in different types of conversations as I'm analytical, open-minded, knowledgable and friendly. I am worldly,I have a good understanding of the world and I'm interested in bringing people closer together. My Zodiac sign is Cancer ( which is a water sign) ,I am my happiest when I'm around water . My ideal date would either be on a Cruise or at a Party on the Beach. I appreciate exotic locations around the world. My ideal vacation would be a romantic getaway island off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. I am currently working on my bikini body because I can't wait to show it off on the Beach all this Summer. I love tropical drinks too, one of my favourite drinks is Sex on the Beach, it makes me wetter and wetter every single sip. I am a huge flirt when I am drunk, I am turned on by dirty talk and I am happy to do the same.

I am turned on by men who know how to stare at my eyes , I Get very wet ( in my G-strings )by seductive eye contact and a man that knows how to charm me. I am lucky to have such big bouncy naturally big breasts, I draw tons of attention to them when I'm wearing slinky dresses and low cut tops . I would describe my nipples as my erogenous zone, I can literally make myself cum from just stimulating them alone.

I always love to experience a man that is good with his hands and I enjoy being oiled up, I have had many moments on the beach of getting oiled up in all the right places. I can give the same pleasure back as I am trying to be a massage therapist so I can offer full body massages. I am the full package, I love giving as well as receiving pleasure. I'm turned on by a man that can kiss my neck and knows how to make love.

I am aroused by foreplay and the more foreplay I get is the more wild I am when getting it on. I like men that know how to take charge while still making me feel sexy , feminine and appreciated. I am moody , I get excited by change and I can be dominant sometimes that makes my sex life more entertaining because I like to switch things up every now and again. I like to play around with sex toys like suction vibrators, clitoral g-spot vibrators, tongue vibrators, Whips, Masks, bondage tapes , handcuffs, love eggs, jiggle balls etc... I have a very high sex drive and I keep my lipstick vibrator in my handbag everywhere I go so I can go somewhere private and have a secret play with myself.

I can be very noisy when I'm climaxing from an orgasm and I have been caught many times , while I've been experimenting with my sex Toys indoors and outdoor locations. I am an exhibitionist, I get so turned on by being caught with my sex toys or in the middle of having sex. My ultimate fantasy is to be in an orgy on the beach in Brazil. I love showing off how I can ride in a circular motion while i'm on top, I leave people mesmerised by how I can ride a big cock. I am easily aroused by a man's strength and I am attracted to women that are feminine but also dominant and upfront.

I would say the best way to engage into a conversation with me is to ask me about why I am passionate about a career in entertainment and also what kind of hobbies do I enjoy doing regularly. I am comfortable talking about sex but I also like to talk about intellectual subjects such as the meaning of life, psychology, astrology, world history etc... I am a woman of many interests and talents so I am open to a lot of type of conversations. I am happy to be a friend and your personal sex kitten

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