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I reign above adorned in the seductive sheen of the most elegant latex, bring all to their knees as its shiny contours caress My Divine form a joy to me and a blissful curse to all others. You will come to recognize me as your Giantess, you Goddess, your religion. All will crumble at the feet of Mistress Eden. In time, my many cruelties will seem a kindness which intoxicate you and will become a desire to please me. Whatever I demand, regardless of scale of suffering, humiliation or degradation and whatever the cost, you will come to crave it. I will dominate your financially, I will play mind games with you that will make mince meat of your logic and disorientate your mind. My psycho domination practices will leave you lost without my word and command, unsure of whether reward or punishment will ensue.


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My expert techniques in medical domination means the inside of your body and soul will be at my mercy with you helpless and dependent upon me for your every existence. I possess strength both physical and mental as I flex both my biceps and my brain to manipulate you. I will pummel your ass with a strap-on as I assume total ownership of you.
I am Your giantess, your jailer, your conscience. And you are my object, my toy and your path will from this moment forward be defined by my whim. Whatever my mood requires of you, be it a sissy, a gimp, a cuckold, money tap you will inescapably become. I speak fluent English, Hebrew, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I will tease you deny you, use each and every one of your sorry holes, torture you, sissify you and you will thank ME.

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