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Welcome boys I'm Queen Raven.

As a lady of the night I thoroughly enjoy delving deep into your mind, extracting what makes you tick, and using it against you.
The more you tell me, the more control I have over you, the more enjoyable time we shall have.

Are you a boy that lacks discipline?
Wishes to have their boundaries pushed?
Well your Black Widow is here, ready to coach you boys.
Whether it be cuck, sissy or even gay training,
I have the knowledge and experience you seek to get you where you want to be.

Perhaps you are new to the kink scene.
With my 5+ years in BDSM & fetish I can share my knowledge,
and encourage you to open your mind and explore your needs further.
My sensual voice can easily assist and train you,
Whilst exciting every nerve in your body.

My favourite to play with are cucks! Many of my boys know about me & my Alpha.
Being the Size Queen that I am he of course has the total package for me.
Good looks, broad shoulders and well endowed. You boys will never be able to satsify a real woman.
Approach to be fully emasculated.

I much prefer the mental side of play.
Objectifying you, humiliating you, using you all for my pleasure.
Rather than bringing you to orgasm through mundane tasks.
Denial is so much sweeter.

My maturity can go 1 of 2 ways, strict & sadistic or soft & sensual.
Either way, you will learn how to best please me.
Or else your Black Widow will strike, showing little mercy to her prey.
It could be the cane, or it could be chastity.
One thing is for certain, you test my limits and I'll test yours.

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