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Krystalxx Raven

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Name: KrystalxxRaven
Age: 30
Turns on: Cuckolds, sissy sluts and beta boy slaves
Availability: Evenings/Nights
Group chat: 2.50 credits/minute
Private chat: 3.50 credits/minute

About Me

Welcome I'm Krystal Raven, the Queen of Supreme.

As a lady of the night I thoroughly enjoy delving deep into your mind, extracting what makes you tick, and using it against you. The more you tell me, the more control I have over you, the more enjoyable time we shall have.

Currently I’m a curvy size 18 with 40DDs, on the smaller side of BBW. I stand at 5ft 5inches with an hourglass figure! I enjoy taking care of myself, my nails, my feet, my hair, with an extensive skincare regime and fillers for a full pout. It costs a lot to be me. I'm an incredibly dominant woman day to day. I gain great pleasure from teasing and humiliating men.

My favourite to play with are cucks! As a true Size Queen I will happily fuck many well endowed men in front of you, whilst you beg to clean up after!

Dressing up sissies and training them for the real world are another speciality of mine. I make quick work of putting you in your place, removing the use of that cock and turning you into a 2 holed slut!

With 5+ years in the BDSM and kink scene there is literally not much left on my to do list. I have seen, lived and breathed it all! Whatever you think is "taboo" or down right wrong, believe me when I say "bring it on"! There aren’t many of us gems online who have true experience and knowledge, so why take the risk with anyone else?

Are you a closet gay? A secret cock sucker? Take my hand and join me in my world where you can for fill your fantasies to the fullest. I'll supply you with the biggest and thickest cocks around. Your training begins now.

More recently I have been dubbed The Black Widow of Findom & Homewrecking. The art of seducing you to eat out of the palm of my hand has been perfected over 10 years, I will have you hand over everything to me.

I'm a retired escort, gangbanger and swinger. My notches on the bed post will surpass many people. But at least I can say I have done it all! Not many ladies have as much real time experience as I do, and I use my experiences to build amazing scenarios for us to play in.

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