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My name is Kiara, I have been an alternative model since I was 17 years old.

I enjoy doing quality activities with some artistic content, such as professional dancing or even singing sometimes. I consider myself pretty restless and easily bored, so I have stages where I need to learn something new, such as dancing tango, artistic gymnastics, theater, etc.
I think I should be more focused because I lose a lot of my time moving from one place to another. Even though I get easily distracted, I also like it because I feel that my mind remains flexible, always wanting to learn and internalize new experiences.

The last two years of my life I have been travelling a lot, mainly in Europe. I like to meet people and practice my English. Now I am about to start the foundation year at an art school here in London, which makes me very happy. I do not know where this new path will take me but I am sure I will enjoy the process of getting more seriously involved in the creation of art.

Talking about more personal things, I identify myself as a person in love with life, very idealistic and a dreamer. I usually fall into different illusions that I invent in my mind but I think I am happier believing that love really exists than denying the existence of something as wonderful as that. Everyone chooses what to believe and I choose to be happy.

I love free and crazy people. If you want to be my friend you just have to be yourself and be original. For me that is a perfect combination.

My ideal first date is to have a very deep conversation; ranging from philosophy to politics.. Maybe because I feel very attracted to a smart guy, with whom I can share a bottle of nice white or rosé wine.

I love to get some kind of feeling of abundance in a luxury environment.

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