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Name: KaliBlu
Age: 45
Turns on: Fetish. Kink and Perversion.. A man that knows what he wants. Confidence and Manners. A sense of humour. Intelligence is insanely sexy to me!!
Availability: Most evenings until late. 1 - 2am. I'll be online during the day some days.
Group chat: 1.99 credits/minute
Private chat: 2.99 credits/minute

About Me

Other Worldly & Bewitching. The thinking mans Domina. Muscle Mistress and Fetish Model. Specialising in Sensual & Erotic Domination. I train Free Weights. Calisthenics and Muay Thai.

I possess a 'Sassy', Sultry & Kinky disposition. Alongside a quick wit & muscular sexuality. I'm unorthodox for a Domme. I am not cruel or a control freak. I'm a playful dominant. A seductress. A different breed.

Being a Sapiosexual and worldy wise. Obtaining a sure wisdom that only comes with life experiences and time... I insist on exploring your mind. Creating an authentic and deeper connection. It's all about mutual pleasure, satisfaction and fun.

I admire gumption and humility in any human. Alongside a sense of humour... These traits will greatly compliment the aforementioned virtues. I also enjoy the role of 'Voyeur.' Watching you. Knowing that you want me to watch you...

I DO NOT ENTERTAIN - Losers, Sissies, Adult Baby, Any Toilet fetishes or Financial domination. You may tip me. I draw the line there.

Kind regards, Kali

My Private Galleries

  • Title: A fine selection...

    Pictures: 11

    Description: Images of me in various clothing. Body shots and more...

    Cost: 5.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: More of me & my body...

    Pictures: 14

    Description: As above...

    Cost: 3.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Catsuit. Catwoman. RAR!!

    Pictures: 17

    Description: My beautiful and erotic catsuit. Bound around my body. Fully shined with silicone. Enjoy...

    Cost: 10.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Muscle...

    Pictures: 30

    Description: All that power, strength and curvature. Enjoy!!

    Cost: 5.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: The different guises of, Kali.

    Pictures: 61

    Description: A varied selection of images. Showing the many facets of my character. Tom Boy. Girl. Woman. Proud & Sassy. Powerful. Humble. Strong. Silly... Enjoy!

    Cost: 10.00 credits Buy Now

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