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Hi there, I’m InnerInk, I am a 31 year old sensual ebony goddess with my curvy..licious BBW body and brown eyes. I love to wear sexy lingerie and clothes but if you ask me NAKED works best for me!

I am very friendly and I'm here to will work my way through your mind to find that button with a cherry on top. I am a naughty kinky girl and I am turned on to turn on. I want you to come back again and again...and YES the deep satisfaction will leave you coming back for more.

I am a kinky girl and I can take you to a world of subtle and sweet fantasies to Taboo and extreme phone chat. I will talk to you about anything and everything. I am the BBW bad ass ebony girl you have always dreamt about. I talk about things that are out of this world, so now imagine me sucking your cum filled cock and licking a juicy wet ass pussy to show you what I can do to you. I will talk to you about the darkest and the deepest ultimate taboos but yet so thrilling to your soul. Absolutely nothing is off limits for me.

Walk with me into the moment and let me take your mind to a place where you will almost fell me in the room with your it is intense it is and experience. If you are looking for that cum goddess then look no further...because,

In my Inner kinky world anything goes I am such a tease and know how to please but I guess there is only one way to find out! I'm waiting...

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