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Your own level of experience is important when choosing the right pro-domme,

 which If you’re a total BDSM newbie, you’ll want to make sure your dominatrix is willing to take you on as a client; i am a picky

pro-domme about who i will let to serve me. You also may want to brush up on your BDSM lingo.

So what ever you are a newbie or an experienced player you owe it to yourself to meet me!  

Introduce yourself properly to me and let's discover The beauty of Both worlds mixed. Small penis humiliation Financial Domination, Smoking fetish, body control, Jerk of instrucțion, and more step in!

My specialty is in tease and desperation play. There are many ways to put someone

 in “sub space”—a state of mind in which your inhibitions and ego go completely

 out the window and you are overcome by an utterly submissive feeling.

 One way to reach this state is via sexual desperation. By building up arousal 

over time without sexual gratification, eventually you reach a point where

 your sexual desires become too overwhelming to handle—it is a place where

 you are willing to do anything for gratification, and at that moment, 

my power over you is absolute.

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