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Name: frannybangz
Age: 24
Turns on: Foreplay, gently kisses
Availability: Typically never too far from my computer
Group chat: 0.50 credits/minute
Private chat: 3.99 credits/minute

About Me


Hey there, I'm Francesca Bangz, but you can call me Franny. I'm new to camming and I have only been doing it for a few months now so I am still learning the way this industry is and I am still finding out the path I would like to take as I continue forward. So with that being said, I do welcome most advice, but please do so in a polite and respectable manner. I'm a redhead, twenty-four year old vixen that is only 4'11'', and maybe ninety-five pounds soaking wet and luckily I'm married to my BBC, Mr. Bangz and if I'm able to bring him to cum play with me I most certainly will! But he doesn't have to cum and play with me us if you don't want him too. I enjoy all those freaky, kinky, nasty, and naughty things that all the good little girls shouldn’t do and quite frankly I don't I could think of something I don’t like to do sexually! I'm all about exploring myself and my body and finding out just exactly what my kinks are and aren't, don't worry I'll help you find yours as well!

I'll be a good little girl for my daddy while he punishes me with his BBC! Oh, but you just wait because the second that he isn't there to tame me, I'll become you mistress whose making you kneel before me entirely naked and ashamed and the whole time you're begging me to let you cum but that is ONLY IF I allow you to do so! love to find sissys to dominate and humiliate. I am sexually open to all fetishes and if I wasn't always willing to try something new then how would I find out if I like to do it with you or not? Ya know, I do have limits, although I haven’t found them all out yet... So for now I will continue to keep pushing my own boundaries and see just how far I'll allow myself to be just a down right bad girl!

If youve been able to catch a show with me then you should already know just as much as I already know that I can be a sweet innocent princess or a royal dominating little bitch! Nonetheless, I deserve WILL be spoiled and treated with dignity respect! Got something you think is odd? Ask me to cum play anyways! Ill never learn if I don't try and if I don't get asked to do something then I may never know if I'll like it or not! Enough about me, I'm over here blabbering on and on! Message me now and see if I'm behaving myself today! Start off by asking, "What roleplay are we today?" to kick off our conversation. Lets get weird!

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