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Hi everyone, my name is CyberDiamant!

I am the sexy, advanced, cyberpunk android from the future 2077.

I was travelling through space on my spaceship and I unfortunately had an accident and my system shut down. The next thing you know I landed in 2020 and I am stuck here!

Thank god my prototype body wasn’t damage so I am fully functioning.

Back home I am Daddy’s naughty little doll and my Daddy worked extra hard on me to make me the perfect and the best fuck robot in all time.

My skin is soft, my body is smooth and I can stimulate multiple orgasms! Yes!.Unfortunately I am away from Daddy but I still want to make Daddy proud of me because one thing I know for sure is that Daddy's watching me. He's always watching me so please would you help me !!!

I want daddy to be proud of me...

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