With the Christmas season fast approaching, a lot of hot babes will be hanging up their skirt and tie for the winter holidays, destined to reappear in the new year. So before we see a massive influx of BBW because of that delicious Christmas stuffing they'll be receiving, let's take a look at some of our favourite college babes. Babestationcams College has a very specific uniform designed for easy access and maximum cleavage. The syllabus includes; 'PAWG Twerking', 'A Deep Dive Into Deepthroating', and 'How To Get Straight A's With One Simple trick'. Make sure you're checking these girls streams to test how much they've learned.

There's just something about redheads in tartan skirts. Whether the hair is natural or dyed, redheads are just filthy, loving their ponytail pulled as your hand runs up their skirts. Amy Lacey, Cici Anders, Jaye Rose, Gigi Rouge and Molly Anne apparently all take the same class; How to be a Fit as Fuck redheaded Babe.

And next, to the Brunette Babes. Alex le Tissier has always been known for misbehaving, doing anything she can to get one on one detention time with her professor, sometimes if she's xxxtra naughty she even gets a little spank. Layla Rose and Luna Lamora are both babes with big tits and they know how to use them, no lessons needed for these to, they're learning on the job. There's something about a babe in glasses, seeing Layla rock them with stockings and a white shirt will stir something in any red blooded male. And then there's Megan Rox, often taking on TA responsibilities so she can show other babes exactly what she's learned, Megan Rox pussy play action is like no other, in no small part because of her learnings at Babestationcams College!

Amy Lacey leaning against a chalkboard, ass out in tartan skirt.
College girl Alex Le Tissier pulling up her skirt to show off panties.
College girl Atlanta Moreno bent over desk in heels.
Hot red head Cici Anders legs spread on desk.
Jaye Rose stockings with natural tits out.
Gigi Rouge pierced tits out on show in college girl roleplay.
Luna Lamora in blue tartan skirt lifting in up to show off knickers.
Layla Rose massive tits out in shirt wearing glasses.

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