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Name: Haley
Age: 19
Turns on: Everything that turns you on!
Availability: Everyday from 10am-Midnight!
Group chat: 2.99 credits/minute
Private chat: 4.99 credits/minute

About Me

Hi! I'm Haley, a posh sounding, privately schooled English girl living abroad! Sex is always on my mind so it seemed like a great idea to sign up here in the hope of finding some naughty fun adventures with you guys! I'm extremely open to all fetishes, and have experienced both dominant and submissive roles in my personal life. Come have a filthy chat with me!

My Private Galleries

  • Title: Foot Fetish

    Pictures: 10

    Description: My silky, sexy, clean teen feet are beautiful, with their gently wrinkled soles and charming touch. You'll be hypnotised in no time... Then look at my long, sexy, toned calves as I walk around in my soft, suede heels for you...

    Cost: 1.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Smoking on the Balcony

    Pictures: 10

    Description: Watch Bethh enjoy a sexy cigarette on her seafront balcony, completely nude apart from her cardigan she's using to attempt to cover her modesty!

    Cost: 2.50 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Nurse Bethh

    Pictures: 7

    Description: Dressed up in my naughty nurses outfit!

    Cost: 1.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Slave Training Session

    Pictures: 8

    Description: I train up my slave to take a nice big strap on.

    Cost: 2.00 credits Buy Now

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