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Kitty King – 10 Unbelievable New Pics

Kitty King, a name which has been circulating around the glamour industry for the past few months! She joined Babestation in November last year and it has been non stop for her ever since. She’s featured in many naughty girl on girl shows, her own filthy solo shows and also become a regular on Babestation TV Daytime! It was about time we sent her off for an all access photo shoot. Here’s a snippet of the photo shoot, 10 unbelievable snaps…

Those tattoos are such a turn on! You can just tell Kitty is one filthy babe who loves to have fun. That all in one lingerie piece she’s wearing is super hot. Dirty thoughts definitely enter the mind when seeing these snaps. Here’s 3 more 🙂

Kitty in those stockings 😍. If you haven’t ever experienced a cam session with Kitty before, we reckon you’ll be queuing up for one after you’re done seeing all of these pictures. These next 4 snaps of Kitty will send you into overdrive…

😳 < your face right now! Everything about Kitty King is 10 out 10. She’s definitely going to be a contender for Babe of the Year! We recommend you save these snaps onto your phone, tablet or laptop - they are timeless! HAVE YOUR OWN ONE TO ONE SESSION WITH KITTY KING HERE...


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