Christmas is upon us! While everyone has been getting into the festive spirit, we here at Babestation Cams have been hard at work putting together a line up of shows which is sure to trump any Christmas present! Yesterday we had the unforgettable Olivia Berzinc &amo; Sophie Hart girl-girl show, they were dressed as Naughty Little Helpers and they certainly put on a memorable show. We’ve got 2 more shows before Christmas Day, here they are…


Who: Alice Goodwin & Ashley Emma
What: Under The Mistletoe!
When: 9pm – 1am

ashley emma alice goodwin babestation cams

Alice + Ashley + Mistletoe = . We’ve got mistletoe, and plenty of it dotted around the Babestation studio, it will definitely come in handy for this show. The last show these two did was a ‘Naked Special’ and it’s probably our the winner of our ‘Cam Show of the Year’. Put these naked babes under a bit of mistletoe and we could possibly have our webcam show of the decade! Ashley Emma & Alice Goodwin have been waiting a while to reunite back together on Babestation Cams, Friday 22nd is the night! We spoke with these two mega hot babes..

Will you be following the Mistletoe rules?

Alice: Oh most definitely! We’re in the festive mood and ready to have some fun on Babestation Cams!

Ashley: I’ll be meeting Alice under the mistletoe

How excited are you both for this show?

Ashley: We were just talking about how crazy our last girl girl show was, this is going to be even filthier! 9pm couldn’t come any sooner!

Alice: If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present, this is it!

Meet Ashley Emma & Alice Goodwin under the mistletoe on Babestation Cams! Click here


Who: Mica Martinez & Preeti
What: Naughty Santas!
When: 9pm – 1am

mica martinez preeti babestation cams

Whoa whoa whoa! Yes, this is real! We’ve managed to get Mica Martinez and Preeti Young together as Naughty Santa’s this Saturday! They’ll be deciding whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year. This is Mica & Preeti’s first EVER girl-girl show together, you guys have been asking about this combination for a long time so we thought we’d better satisfy you! We sat down with this jaw-dropping combo, here’s what they had to say..

So this is your first girl-girl show, looking forward to it?

Mica: Yeah I only really do solo shows but me and Preeti were talking and thought it would be a great idea to do a show together! I think this will be an amazing show.

Preeti: This is going to be fun! I’ve had a sneak peek at the outfits we’ll be wearing, and they are very sexy!

Naughty Santas then, will you be spreading the festive cheer?

Preeti: Absolutely! Christmas is a time for giving, and we’ll be giving everyone the best Cam show!

Mica: Ho ho ho!

Have you been naughty or nice? Click here to get with Mica Martinez & Preeti on Babestation Cams!


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