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Babestation Cams – 4-Day Foreplay

Something special started on Babestation Cams last night! We kicked off 4-DAY FOREPLAY! At the end of every month, we like to put on some extra special shows for you all to enjoy. For this month, we’re wrapping the month up with 4 filthy girl-on-girl shows! Hence the name, 4-Day Foreplay 😉 It began last night in an Oil Wrestling Special with Beth Bennet & Bella Mendez, it got very messy! Here’s the next 3 shows…


Who: Priya & Nicole Snow
What: Sexy Superheroes
When: 9pm – 1am

priya nicole snow babestation cams

With the release of a certain popular superhero film, Priya & Nicole Snow are in the mood to dress up! They will be coming to your rescue this Friday! It’s a Sexy Superheroes Girl-on-Girl special which we cannot wait for. It’s been nearly 8 months since their last show together, so the anticipation for this has been rising, not the only thing that’s been rising 😉 This show goes live at 9pm on Friday, you have to tune in to see the sexy outfits!

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Who: Lexi Luxe
What: Fulfil your Fetish!
When: 10am – 1pm

lexi luxe babestation cams

Lexi will be perking you up on Friday morning between the hours of 10am – 1pm. She wants to fulfil all of your filthy fetishes and fantasies. Kick start your weekend with this naughty babe!

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Who: Jada & Alice Goodwin
What: …have a night to remember!
When: 9pm – 1am

jada alice goodwin babestation cams

Day 3 of 4 Day Foreplay features two of our most experienced and filthiest Cam models! Alice Goodwin & Jada are ready to perform in their first ever girl on girl show together! They are no stranger to girl-girl shows, both teaming up with many girls from large roster of sexy babes, but they are yet to join forces. This Saturday, they will have a night to remember! Alice & Jada are looking to have as much as possible and they want you to join them. It’s going to be a filth fest, starting at 9pm on Saturday.

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Who: Elise
What: Filthy Fetishes!
When: 9pm – 1am

elise babestation cams

Alongside our Alice Goodwin & Jada show, we’ve also got another treat for you. Elise has quickly become a fan favourite on Babestation Cams due to the X-Rated shows she has been putting out. On Saturday, she is ready to fulfil all filthy fetishes! Whatever turns you on, whatever secretive things you’re into, Elise would love to delve into it! Live from 9pm!

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Who: Lexie Essex
What: Pure Filth Part 2!
When: 6pm – 12am

lexie essex babestation cams

Lexie Essex loves nothing more than putting on a extra filthy show for you! She considers herself a genuine nympho and she’ll be putting you to the test this Saturday from 6pm onwards. It’s Pure Filth Part 2, the first instalment was naughty, we expect Part 2 to be X-Rated!

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Who: Scarlett Jones & Aemelia Fox
What: Girl on Girl Strip Down
When: 9pm – 1am

aemelia fox scarlett jones babestation cams

To conclude 4 Day Foreplay, Scarlett Jones & Aemelia Fox will be stripping each other down! There’s not many better sights than that! This is another first, they have never done a show together before! All eyes will be on this one, because these babes don’t like to keep their lingerie or outfits on for long. We have a feeling from the 4 shows, this is going to be filthiest out of the lot! Proceed with caution! They begin at 9pm on Sunday.

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