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Ani James – Interview with a Cam Star

Ani James is a huge star in the world of babe TV shows, who these days plies her trade as a top cam model on Babestation Cams. We caught up her recently to get to know the lady herself a little more intimately!

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Find the full interview below.

When did you first start working on Babestation?
I started performing on Babestation Cams in September 2015

Have you ever worked on any other babe channels?
Over the years I’ve worked at House babe live, Babestar, Babeworld, TVX call girls and Redlight Central.

What’s your favourite sexual position?
I love reverse cowgirl

Describe one of your most memorable moments whilst performing?
I once received a bouquet of 100 roses for my charity work

Do you prefer sex Indoors or outdoors?
Indoors, it’s far more comfortable

Where is the most unusual place you’ve had sex?
The queens box at the royal opera house

What’s on your sexual bucket list?
To have a dirty weekend away and roleplay as boss/secretary

Do you like to roleplay on cam?
I do indeed. I like to be a sexy secretary, controlled but manipulative.

Do you have any areas of expertise?
My sexually… I have very soft lips and a controlled tongue

Do you have a favourite fetish?
I pamper my feet weekly to make sure they’re in tip top condition. I also love shiny lycra

What do you look for in a man?
I love beards, a strong build, good teeth and they have to smell nice.

Describe your three best features?
I have great shoes, good smile/teeth and sexy eyes

Favourite outfit?
Definitely a figure hugging catsuit

Are you a member of the Mile High Club?
No.. I need to meet someone with a private jet!

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