We’re calling this month March Madness! It’s been a filthy month so far, it has been and will be full of incredibly naughty girl-girl shows. After recovering from last week’s Beast from the East weather, it’s time to brighten up your weekend by sharing your company with Olivia Berzinc & Alice Goodwin! Here’s what they’re getting up to…


Who: Alice Goodwin & Olivia Berzinc
What: Spank Me Harder! Girl-on-girl Special.
When: 9pm – 1am

alice goodwin olivia berzinc babestation cams

Everybody’s favourite 2 girl combo is back! This is their first show together of 2018 and we reckon it’s going to be one of the biggest of the year. Their past shows have set the standard of what a filthy hot girl-girl show should be! The on-screen chemistry from these two is one of the many reasons for that. This Friday, the theme they’ll be screaming “Spank Me Harder!”.

Alice Goodwin & Olivia Berzinc love to be spanked, and they love even more spanking each other. What’s even better is when they do it naked We caught up with the girls in the studio to ask them what naughty things they’d be getting up to during this show…

How hard do you girls want to be spanked then?
Alice Goodwin: Hard, very hard! Olivia likes to get very physical during our shows, so I’m sure she’ll go hard with it.

What’s going to be happening in private chat?
Olivia Berzinc: Well, we love to have fun in group chat but if any daring guys want to spend some exclusive one on one time in private chat, expect to see things you’ve never seen us do before! I can’t give too much away

Will you be following all requests?
Alice Goodwin: We like all our viewers to be pleased, so however filthy your request is, we’ll aim to please. But usually, we get so naughty on Cam that the requests usually get fulfilled before it’s been asked!

This girl on girl show is going to be UNMISSABLE. They will be logged in and streaming at 9pm on Friday!

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Who: Jada
What: College Girl Special
When: 10pm – 1am

jada babestation cams

Whenever Jada hosts her own solo show, we know exactly what sort of filth we are letting ourselves in for. She has no boundaries and pushes everything to the limit! For this show, she’ll be your naughty little college girl! Jada will be dressed in a revealing blouse, short skirt and very high heels! This college girl is one who likes to break the rules and get filthy when class is in session! Jada starts this show at 10pm on Saturday, don’t miss this one!

Click here to join the show with Alice Goodwin & Olivia Berzinc


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